A Brief History of Time Travel


Director: Gisella Bustillos Country: USA Genre: Documentary, Sci-Fi, Philosophy Runtime: 1 h 5 m Screening: Block A Time: 3.45-5.30 pm

A Brief History of Time Travel is the biography of a concept that dates back hundreds of years. From early stories featuring heroes mysteriously jumping forward into far-flung future worlds to countless theoretical appearances in literature, science fiction and video games, time travel is a thought provoking idea that has spanned cultures across the globe. Through interviews with experts across a variety of fields – theoretical physicists, game designers, spiritual leaders to futurist authors, to name a few – A Brief History of Time Travel explores a breadth of unique perspectives that travel far beyond quantum mechanics. No matter your age or background, this film is an odyssey through the imagination and a discovery of kindred spirits.

Director Biography

Gisella Bustillos is a graduate of the Film and Television program at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Through the renowned ICIAC Film Program Gisella studied abroad in Havana, Cuba, an experience that shaped her passion for making documentaries about culture and human nature. Her films have screened at the L’Connu Film Festival in Paris and the Wallabout Film Festival in New York, and she produced a short film that was accepted to the Cannes Shorts Festival in 2013. A Brief History of Time Travel is her first
feature film.

Dr Ronald Mallett, Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Connecticut