Art & Experimental #B

  • Cue Introspection

Streaming 12-15 November

1. CUE INTORSPECTION (5m, UK) – A film by Joanne Postlewaite

A man takes a strange and surreal journey deep into his subconscious, will he make it out?

2. WEAR AND TEAR (5m, IRELAND) – A film by Rory Kerr. WEBSITE

A girl wakes to to find that one of her nightmares has materialized into reality, causing a wave of destruction in her world.

3. SHIVERING WALL (10m, TAIWAN) – A film by Tseng Yu Chin.

A teenage girl has a spiritual awakening during a house party with her friends.


Set against the austere landscape of the Australian bushland, overlapping images of ever increasing clarity inform Grace’s consciousness as she moves toward the end of her life.

5. EYE (9m, UK) – A film by Oliver Naumann. TRAILER

“Eye” is an experimental psychological drama inspired by Reine Maria Rilke’s poem “The Panther”. A man wakes up in an unknown environment where he has to experience being trapped and exposed by other’s gaze and criticism just like a caged animal.


Society’s capitalist and consumerist views of women amount to little more than their views of horses. Their value is found not in their humanity, but in their appearance and their labour, and how each may be exploited. In Girls Grow Up Drawing Horses, these relationships and parallels occur to the narrator as she considers her grandma’s life as well as her own. 

7. FILM ME (3m, UK) – A film by Ed Picard Q&A WITH ED PICARD

A fashion film where fashion and cinema meet one another, a homage to different times of cinema through the spectrum of beauty. There are 4 scenes which all match to a time and a mood, and each are filmed in a special format (Super 8, 16mm, VHS, Digital).

8. GROWING PAINS (4m, USA) – A film by Katya Abedian

A short experimental film exploring the intimacies, mysteries and complexities of loosing someone, or rather, the version of someone you’ve grown to know. The growth that comes from the letting go.

9. ASANASA (5m, CANADA) – A film by Matt Soar. WEBSITE

ASANASA is a trippy trip through the boy’s-own history of rocketry and space flight, a wry commentary on gendered fantasies of off-world exploration. The film comprises found footage specially sourced from a 16mm counter-archive, combined with meticulously hand-woven 35mm leaders and eccentric countdowns.

10. ŠVIESA (3m, USA) – A film by Emanuelle Daga

In the moment of his death, Henry must release his deepest regrets.

11. ON COLOUR (3m, TURKEY) – A film by Hüseyin Mert Erverdi

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light, and God saw the light, and it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.”  (Genesis 1:3). On Colour is the story of light, after being birthed by the pitch black void preceding the universe, it disperses into red, green and blue and then from there to all the various colours of the visible spectrum emerge.

Total Streaming Time: 01.04m. Foreign language films will have English subtitles. Please note, some content may be unsuitable for children under 15 years of age. VIMEO links will go live from 12am ET (Eastern Time) on the 12th November 2020.