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ÀPEIRON I Italy, 01:04:22 I Director: Sandro Bocci I Art & Experimental PG13 I WEBSITE

What is Time? Àpeiron (Undefined) is a contemplation of time, a concept hard to define with words which elude casual investigation about its very nature. In a progression of visual speculations the viewer experiences the unfolding of time from outside time, a place of the undefined. The film unfolds through a subjective audio-visual path, beginning from abstraction, and progressively arrives to a more human perspective of the world, for then returning back to abstraction in a cyclical journey. The cycle is a direct inspiration from an ancient philosopher, Anaximander, whose idea named the film. The infinite dimensions on the topic of time find a convergence within the imagery of poetic language. The sequences don’t bound the viewer to a linear narration. Instead it leaves space to a plentiful of interpretations resulting from a collage of memories, experiences and visual abstractions.

Àpeiron is a visual storytelling of handcrafted footage, microscopy, astrophotography, naturalistic sequences and subjective points of view that takes the viewer from an imaginary plane to a real one.

Sandro Bocci

Sandro Bocci (1978, Italy) is an Italian film maker and producer, specialized in naturalistic filming and practical effects. His work is linked to the field of visual and new media art. Influenced by observation of natural world and fractal geometry in nature, he is experienced in experimental shooting from macro to astrophotography. He has developed several shooting techniques used in feature films, documentary, tv-series and new media projects. In 2012 he directed his first feature film “Meta” awarded as best documentary at SIFF 2013 and Best Photography at Premio Libero Bizzarri 2015.

He has recently collaborated with the production of the film Voyage of Time and Song to Song by Terrence Malick, and Darren Aronofsky’s TV-Series One Strange Rock, providing additional footages. He is a contributor of National Geographic and recently of Unesco, providing audiovisual content related to the theme of ecology. In addition to this he works with immersive film, new media art installations and interdisciplinary projects inspired by nature, science and new technologies. .

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