Shorts: Block A


1.  VISCERA: AUTOPSY OF A (NON) HUMAN BODY* I UK, 12:52 I Director: Arturo Bandinelli I Art & Experimental *15

The relationship between time, memory and trauma is explored in this experimental dance film shot in an abandoned hotel in the middle of the Atlantic. “Viscera” oscillates between clearly defined choreography and abstract movement by Celina Liesegang, to offer a viscerally moving and at times disconcerting encounter. Director Arturo Bandinelli is an award-winning experimental filmmaker, researcher and psychoanalyst in training. His films have screened at the London Sci-Fi Film Festival (UK), Lago Film Festival (Italy), and Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (France) to name just a few.

2. ONCE THERE WAS A GIRL I Canada, 4:09 I Director: Deb Ethier I Fantasy

Why do stories we read as children stay with us through our lives and become broken bits of dreams, jumbled images from fairy tales that are always in the back of our minds? Deb Ethier’s animation film is a look back at vague but consistent memories of childhood stories, forging these disparate images into something that captures some of their wonder and power. An artist, musician, writer, educator, history and vintage film buff, puppet maker and children’s theatre director, Deb has tied them all together through animated films.

3. DIRT I (USA, 12:00) I Directors: Helanius J. Wilkins and Roma Flowers I Art & Experimental

Through the fusion of text, movement, layered visuals, and sound, “Dirt” presents a meditative exploration of identity and blackness in a heightened time of unrest and uprisings in America. This is a screendance project created in June 2020, a collaboration between award-winning choreographer Helanius J. Wilkins, videographer Roma Flowers, and composer Andy Hasenpflug.

4. FURTHER AWAY I (UK, 15:15) I Director: Chris Turner I Sci-Fi I TRAILER

An off-course astronaut attempts to communicate with his loved ones back on Earth, but with the vast distance between them ever increasing and hope running out, his reality begins to merge with the fragmented memories of everything he left behind. Chris Turner is a commercial, music video and film director who operates under the moniker Favourite Colour: Black. His short film projects “Running Man” (produced by Sadie Frost and starring Raff Law), and horror-fashion crossover G(O)OD+(D)EVIL, have screened at Raindance, The London Short Film Festival, The Berlin Fashion Film Festival, OneDotZero, ASOFF Paris, The BFI Gothic Season, The San Francisco Dance Film Festival, 1.4 and Channel 4’s Random Acts.

5. MELANCHOLIA (2) I (USA, 02:30) I Director: Michael Amter I Art & Experimental

A symbolic experiment contemplating the human condition’s struggle with mental health. The primary symbol is a direct reference to basic codes experienced in human genetics and DNA, mixed with various elements impacting life; including light, gravity, time and space. Artist Michael Amter has exhibited extensively throughout the world including 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Apexart, Cité Internationale des Arts, Creative Time, Des Lee Gallery, Gallery Aferro, Instinc, Meridian International, the Whitney Biennial, and Studio Kura. Currently a sampling of the artist’s drawings can be found at the Pierogi Gallery on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in NYC.

6. THE DARK YEAR I (UK, 15:58) I Director: Lingge Dong I Sci-Fi

In this parallel world, the only way to generate electricity is through the true love between people. Bella sadly loses her husband in a freak accident and then begins her journey of finding a new love so that she can obtain warmth and light over the coming winter. Lingge Dong is a student at the London Film School.

7. NOSTALGIA I (Bolivia, 16:25) I Director: José Velasco I Spiritual & Philosophical I INSTAGRAM

The impact of a mysterious meteorite starts affecting people’s memories, causing amnesia. As Aldo, a solitary philosophy professor, fears that the Eternal Return becomes his daily routine, he tries to figure out a way back to his lost memories. Director José Velasco is a screenwriter and independent filmmaker from La Paz, Bolivia. As a student he made more than five short films. His film entitled “One” was exhibited at the Bolivian Cinematheque, selected by Daniel Rezende, editor of the film, “The Tree of Life”.

8. TU I (Canada, 09:38) I Director: Suzanne Friesen I Spiritual & Philosophical I WEBSITE

“Tu” translates to “here” in the Polish language. Here we are, in a film where memories, identity, and inter-generational trauma and diaspora become merged and confused in the shape of a visual poem. Director Suzanne Friesen is a Canadian cinematographer, filmmaker and professor in cinematography based in Vancouver, BC. Deeply rooted in analog still photography, her approach to narrative and documentary filmmaking incorporates conscientious composition and unhurried movement. Suzanne has received numerous awards within her artistic practice, and her work has been screened and recognized within Canada and internationally.

9. THE DARK ODYSSEY I (USA, 08:31) I Director: Michael Lavine I Spiritual and Philosophical I WEBSITE

A brave captain and his faithful mate transport a captive warrior, who holds ‘The Inventory of The Mind’, across the interstellar line. When their ship is forced to navigate an asteroid field, their mission is jeopardized. Esteemed rock photographer Michael Lavine, renowned for his iconic portraits of musicians such Kurt Cobain, Notorious B.I.G, and David Bowie, has been making his own brand of visually unique images of celebrities for over 30 years. His photographs of luminaries such as Jay-Z, Tilda Swinton and Brian Cranston have graced magazine covers around the world. Michael has written and directed several dramatic short films including “Weekend Away” (starring Sophia Takal).

10. THE SANDS OF TIME I (UK, 14:00) I Director: James Hughes I Fantasy – WEBSITE

A time portal in the sand brings a young couple together. In his career, James Hughes has directed hundreds of actors, and his short films have screened at 200 film festivals — his first three films were all BAFTA qualifying short films. He has also been a Speaker for BAFTA, the Screenwriting Expo in Los Angeles, and numerous film festivals.

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