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AMA’ARA – THE SONG OF THE WHALES I Germany, 01:35:00 I Director: Sebastian Jobst I Spiritual & Philosophical I WEBSITE


Enter a world of transcendence in AMA’ARA – The SONG of the WHALES. The late spiritual singer and healer Marina Trost follows her calling to cross oceans to save the whales and create a new, loving relationship between humans and these majestic beings. Through channeled music and mesmerizing cinematography, we feel Marina’s passion and how she connects intuitively to the whales’ beauty and majesty. Spirituality, sacred song, and healing flow beyond time and space. In this cinematic meditation, we uncover song as a vehicle to our own transcendence. This film is a powerfully poetic love song for our troubled times.

Sadly, both Marina and director Sebastian Jobst have passed away since the making of AMA’ARA. Dreamers of Dreams is honoured to showcase this beautiful film in their memory, with the crew’s blessing.

“AMA’ARA” would not be a reality without Sebastian’s profound care, attention to detail, artistry and incredible imagination.

Sebastian Jobst was a fearless writer / director with a unique and poetic visual sense. His films were journeys to the inner core of the human being. Living in Germany he was working on film projects around the globe with a special interest in universal stories that empower and inspire the audience. Directors whose body of work he admired the most are Terrence Malick, Gus van Sant, Bela Tarr, Peter Weir, Guillermo Del Toro, David Lynch and Paul Thomas Anderson.

Along with Marina, Sebastian was the driving force and co-visionary behind AMA’ARA. He invested over 3 years of his expertise, vision, heart and soul into co-developing AMA’ARA in close collaboration with Marina. With poetic cinematic depth, he continued to shepherd the film from idea to reality through directing, filming (cinematography), editing and writing.

Total Streaming Time: 01:35:00. Please note, some content may be unsuitable for children under 13 years of age. VIMEO links will go live from 12am ET (Eastern Time) on the 19th November 2021.