Fantasy & Sci-Fi #A

  • Swimming With Fishes

Streaming 12-15 November

1. SWIMMING WITH FISHES (9m, CANADA) – A film by Zachary Ayotte and Dany Foster

Young and imaginative Leila is ready to do anything to escape the boredom of everyday life with her father. Her new boyfriend seems to be the key to evasion, but she will soon discover that her fantasies are not sham.

2. CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER (7m, UK) – A film by Weronika Maria Szalas Q&A WITH WERONIKA

A deep desire and curiosity stir in a young woman’s mind. A door is unlocked, and her journey into the infinite subconscious begins.

3. ALLAN ELLEN (39m, SPAIN) – A film by Juan Ros. WEBSITE

Allan and Ellen are having a serious life crisis after many years together. Through their subconscious they travel to a desert, in which they face their fears with the intention of recovering the love they have lost.

4. MARCO KLEEBAUER YEAH SURE (3m, AUSTRIA) – A film by Schorsch Feierfeil.

The official animated music video for Austrian musician Marco Kleebauer song ‘YEAH SURE’.

5. A CLOWN’S TALE (23m, GERMANY) – A film by Alexander Frank

Two rebellious clown doctors bring moments of joy and happiness to the terminally ill inhabitants of a children’s hospice. But when they encounter Lena, a young girl that vehemently refuses to step into their world of clownery, the two put on the show of their lifetime to fulfil Lena’s last wish.

6. PERPETUATE (5m, USA) – A film by Stephan Larson

A short animation about life, birth, nature and industry.

7. ADAM AND EVE MK II ( (4m, UK) – A film by Sebastian Kuder

In a post-apocalyptic future, human memories from the now-extinct species homo sapiens are loaded into the artificial brain of a robot.

Total Streaming Time: 01.30m. Foreign language films will have English subtitles. Please note, some content may be unsuitable for children under 15 years of age. VIMEO links will go live from 12am ET (Eastern Time) on the 12th November 2020.