Inferno Endures


Director: Paul Birkett, Andrea Jovanovska Country: UK Genre: Experimental, Spiritual, Fantasy Runtime: 11 m Screening: Block A Time: 3.45-5.30 pm

Inferno Endures, the second part of the Fever Dream trilogy, is a short experimental film depicting the journey of a troubled soul through its existential anguish. When reality starts to fade, a Fever Dream begins and the man’s soul finds itself trapped in a perpetual lucid nightmare. Tormented by demons of his own creation, he undertakes a long arduous struggle. Will he get sucked further into the depths of despair or will he ascend to a state of tranquillity?

Director Biography

Paul Daniel Birkett and Andrea Jovanovska are two passionate emerging filmmakers who are seeking to introduce their work to a wider audience. ‘Inferno Endures’ takes a viewer on a journey of existential struggle, through the dark and disturbing depths of the human mind.