Patient’s Copy


Director: Patrick Tarrant Country: UK Genre: Experimental, Art Runtime: 10m Screening: Block C Time: 7.00-8.00 pm

A hand-made reflection on the under conscious and on the illustration of ideas on plastic. This collage film comes about after the discovery of a thousand overhead transparencies used for teaching biology. A chemically induced gaze looks out over this archive while a light shines down on obsolete treasures, buried ideologies and the science of life. Patient’s Copy focuses on the capacity of these acetate transparencies to not simply allow light to pass through them, but also to allow light to reflect off them. This suggests a new function for images that have not only been excavated from their pedagogical and technological moment but which, in their new fluorescent form, are both less plastic, and more plastic than ever before.

Director Biography

Patrick Tarrant (Melbourne, 1969) is an Associate Professor in filmmaking at London South Bank University who has written on the feature-length portrait films of Pedro Costa (Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie?), Ben Rivers (Two Years At Sea) and Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez (Manakamana). Patrick has made video portraits and observational city films, while developing a hybrid filmmaking method that brings HD video and a 16mm film projector together (in The Take-Up, The Trembling Giant & Another Self Portrait ). Patrick has had films screened at the Hong Kong, London and Melbourne International Film Festivals, and was nominated for Best Short Film at the 2016 London Film Festival.

‘My perception can mislead me, but not my image.’ Jean-Paul Sartre.