Spiritual & Philosophical #A

  • The Fifth Image

Streaming 12-15 November

1. THE FIFTH IMAGE (8m, UK) – A film by Stefan Kliszynski

If there are four ages of man, perhaps there is a fifth in the minds-eye of the man. An understanding greater than the sum of each age. A surreal, spiritual, meta film poem inspired by the painting ‘The Four Ages of Man’ by Valentin de Boulogne.

2. I AM ALL THE ROOMS OF THE HOUSE (25m, UK) – A film by Hester Ullyart

Love, loss and reclamation. Drop by drop, brick by brick, step by step. A house speaks its truth in this metaphorical film poem by UK writer performer Hester Ullyart, vividly brought to life by composer Anita Clark and director of photography Sabin Holloway. Recorded at The British Hotel and various homes in Lyttelton New Zealand during lockdown in May/June 2020.

3. MELTED (2m, USA) – A film by Nikki Chapman

A macabre girl laments about the inevitability of death after being given a melting cartoon character popsicle.

4. SIGNS OF A REBEL BUDDHA (20m, USA) – A film by D. R. Thompson

Signs of a Rebel Buddha explores the lives of unconventional spiritual teachers in an attempt to define what makes them unique. The film features Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz — a successful software entrepreneur and spiritual teacher who blended American individualism and business savvy with Buddhism in innovative and unconventional ways.

5. IT’S ME (15m, UK) – A film by Helen Randag

“It’s Me” is a dark tale of a game that cannot be sustained. Set over the course of an evening, a mother remembers moments from a game she played with her son throughout his childhood. Tragedy strikes when he unexpectedly returns. Starring Maxine Peake.

6. COMPLETE SURRENDER (3m, UK) – A film by Pol Herrmann, Louise Nelstrop

Complete Surrender is a short documentary film that asks the question: what is love? It follows five renowned artists as they explore how two female medieval mystics – Marguerite Porete and Hadewijch – have led them to believe that the answer is ‘complete surrender’.

7. MANDALA (3m, TURKEY) – A film by Hüseyin Mert Erverdi

A mandala is an integrated structure organized around a unifying center, which serves several purposes including establishing a sacred space, as an aid to meditation, trance induction and focusing attention. It is a pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically and symbolically. ‘Mandala’ consists of 1000 uniquely drawn canvases, these canvases are individually drawn and edited in order to create a dance, a journey of various forms evolving. 

Total Streaming Time: 01:43m. Foreign language films will have English subtitles. Please note, some content may be unsuitable for children under 15 years of age. VIMEO links will go live from 12am ET (Eastern Time) on the 12th November 2020.