The Cunning Man


Director: Zoë Dobson Country: UK Genre: Spiritual, Fantasy, Drama Runtime: 13m Screening: Block C Time: 7.00-8.00 pm

The Cunning Man is inspired by a real Cunning Man, John Harries (c.1785 – 1839). It’s an enchanted tale of compassion in the face of callous greed.

Director Biography

Zoë Dobson is a Bafta award winning and Emmy nominated Director and Producer. Her career has earned her credits across all the major broadcasters, she has directed high profile blue-chip series, one-off documentaries and short film. Zoë has directed documentaries with some of the world’s leading artists in the fields of art, music and dance. Including: A major international series on dance, fronted by Akram Khan, featuring leading choreographers across the disciplines from New York City ballet to the dance of darkness, Butoh in Tokyo. A series fronted by the supermodel Lily Cole in which the Cambridge Arts graduate spent time with leading contemporary artists, Antony Gormley, Gabriel Orozco, Tacita Dean and MarcQuinn. A hugely successful one-off documentary with the band Duran Duran, which was nominated for best documentary by the Royal Television Society. And a documentary on the ‘wrapping artist’ Christo, filming behind the scenes as he created his most recent art work, 7506 oil barrels floating on the Serpentine in Hyde Park. Zoë has extensive experience working with talent, including Mark Ronson, Simon LeBon, Boy George, Cindy Crawford, Stephen Hough, Marina Ambramovic‘ and Michael Bloomberg. Zoë is currently working on the development of a feature film with producer Wendy Laister of Magnus Entertainment, New York.