Feature: Wasteland & Project Pipe Dreams


WASTELAND I REPUBLIC OF KOREA I 00:38:00 I Director: Misong Jin I Spiritual & Philosophical PG13

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, two lovers who are expecting a baby search for a rescue helicopter.

We tried to convey elements of mystery and the spiritual without the use of music, dialogue, speedy editing, and camera movement. It was crucial that we depict the beauty of hope through serene images.

Misong Jin

Misong Jin is a filmmaker based in Seoul, South Korea. She just graduated from Sungkyunkwan University(SKKU) and holds a dual bachelor’s degree in Film Directing and English Literature. During her education she participated in numerous film projects and directed as her thesis project. She is currently working on her next short.

“Wasteland” was made with an all-female crew on a budget during Covid.


PROJECT PIPE DREAMS I UK, 00:45:56 I Director: Manus Fraser I Spiritual & Philosophical I WEBSITE

A rumour of an internet purchase like no other leads filmmaker Manus Fraser on a journey to discover who on earth would ship a three thousand pipe organ half way around the world. He finds 84-year old Gilbert, a man with boundless wit, energy and determination. A former Headmaster, who escaped apartheid South Africa, he has spent two decades on his madcap mission. Captivated by Gilbert’s charm and absolute refusal to give in, Manus joins him on his ultimate analogue odyssey.

“Project Pipe Dreams” is a tender, witty, and charismatic study of craft and human endeavour in a digital age. It shows us how one incredible man strives to leave the world a better place than he found it… one pipe at a time.

Manus Fraser

Manus Fraser has been working in the film and television industry since 1998. His first documentary credit was as an editor on ‘Long Way Round’, an acclaimed travel documentary that saw Hollywood star Ewan McGregor and sidekick Charley Boorman embark on a round the world motorcycle adventure. In total, he spent 10 years as a broadcast television editor cutting documentaries, factual entertainment, scripted series and commercials.

Since 2010 he has been working with charities as a producer, director, videographer and editor, using film to give voice to of some of the world’s most disadvantaged people and helping to raise awareness and funding for numerous causes. He has produced shoots around the world and has filmed across Europe and Africa. ‘Project Pipe Dreams’, was three years in the making, and is his first feature documentary. It seeks to challenge society’s prejudice to age, race and immigration.

Total Streaming Time: 01:24:00. VIMEO links will go live from 12am ET (Eastern Time) on the 19th November 2021.